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As business owners/entrepreneurs, exercise physiologists and endurance coaches, we are used to putting our heart and soul into everything we do – both figuratively and literally. Here’s a little background information on how Kinesic Sport Lab came to exist. A special thank-you to the many hearts and hands who have helped shape KSL over the past few years.

Why the heart?

anatomical-heartThe anatomical human heart is a muscular organ located slightly left of centre within the thoracic cavity. It is comparable to a closed fist in size, yet it is responsible for blood flow and oxygen delivery to every cell in the body. A beating heart suggests ‘life’ where each beat is the sum of every voluntary and involuntary decision and action. The decisions we make on a daily basis, such as the quality and quantity of food we ingest, the amount of sleep we receive and the frequency, time and type of physical activity we choose to engage (or not to engage) ultimately determines the qualify of life we choose to experience.

Every story has a beginning…

KinesioIn March 2011, Jeffery and Ashley Zahavich co-founded Kinesio Fitness, Research and Wellness Consulting following the passing of Jeff’s older sister Jenn to stage 4 breast cancer. The name Kinesio was chosen as it is the root word of kinesiology, the science and health profession that both Jeff and Ashley studied together during their undergraduate (Dalhousie University) and graduate (University of Calgary) degrees. A painted picture of the tree of life with a heart hidden amongst its branches was used as Kinesio Consulting’s logo to honour Jenn and her encouraging message to ‘spread love’ everyday.

A middle.

KinesicJump forward to November 2012, Kinesio Consulting partnered with a few local businesses to deliver more performance-directed services such as blood lactate threshold testing for heart rate zone determination, program design for endurance athletics and individualized coaching. By January 2013, it was apparent there was a growing demand for exercise physiology programs and services in Atlantic Canada, and with that plans for a brick and mortar presence were well under way. After eight months of provincially assisted business development a physical lab space was developed and a revised logo and business name were adopted. Kinesio Sport Lab was born.

And an endurance sport physiology lab.

Using the three-letter acronym KSL to shape the four chambers of the anatomical heart, the logo was ready for action. On August 1, 2013 Kinesio Sport Lab (now Kinesic Sport Lab) officially opened its doors in Halifax, Nova Scotia.